The Mirosław Książek Spring Factory’s Machine Park

The Company has a modern machine park. These are automatons, grinders and auxiliary tools by the German firm Wafios, which is the leader among producers of these types of machine tools. By constantly modernizing its machine park (in 2000, a modern coiling machine with an NHC-15 head was purchased), the Company strengthens its position on the market, becoming more competitive towards other spring producers. The Company has a well-equipped machine park, enabling it to produce springs of complex shapes. A machine tool with a CNC type head attachment makes it possible to produce extension springs with fasteners. Below is an excerpt from our technical standards documentation, which depicts the production time for a WS 152530 type spring on the above-mentioned machine tool (tab. no. 1)

Operation number Station Operation name Time needed to produce 1 unit.
005 Automaton Winding and production of fasteners 20 s.
010 KTM Inspection according to description 5 s.
015 Thermal processing station Thermal processing (tempering) 20 min.
Task: produce a sample run – 25 units S 20 min. 25 s.


Without this type of machine tool, the Company would be forced to produce this kind of spring in the course of several operations, executed by workers using hand devices. Labor costs and production time would increase, and it would be necessary to hire several more employees.


maszyna cnc do produkcji sprężyn
The technology used by the Mirosław Książek Spring Factory shortens the production time of a spring (thanks to a modern machine park), without causing any loss in quality. The differences are significant (in the production of 5000 units, the time saved is around 65 hours), and the Company applies the savings acquired in this way to increasing its production capabilities.

Producing complex springs with wires of high quality requires the use of the right equipment. This mainly applies to winding pins, and guides, which are made with sintered carbides.

Thermal processing of springs, based on removing tensions, polishing and galvanic processing of springs are elements of the technological process that raise the quality of the offered product. In terms of galvanic processing, a lack of its own galvanizing plant makes it necessary for the Company to cooperate with firms that perform these kinds of services. The Company purchased 3 high-output kilns, thanks to which the time for thermal processing operations was shortened significantly. Wafios polishing machines also contribute greatly to reducing the time of polishing operations. The conclusion is simple – that the application of modern equipment and technologies obviously contributes to reducing costs, in the short as well as the long term. Modern, high-output machinery allows the Company to be competitive, and offer customers a high level of product quality.

The correct cost policy, while considering maintaining a high level of quality and professionalism in its products, has brought the Mirosław Książek Spring Factory an established position in the market of spring producers. The management’s future activities will be directed toward seeking further ways to reduce costs, which will yield dividends, strengthening the Company’s position on the market.

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